Book Review: Sandcastles

Title: Sandcastles

Author: Sana Rose

Genre: Fiction

Page Count: 340

Published : November, 2018

Publisher: Turquoise Publication

Rating: 4/5


One rainy morning in July 2011, Selena Rocha wakes up to find her carefully woven, quiet life flipped over – the past she had buried a decade ago reappears as two men. She must choose between calm lies and destructive truths, to protect her twelve-year-old twins, Nayna and Ruby, from both.

Neil Shaw returns after a lifetime of fleeing from himself, to redeem what he foolishly lost to his naivety. But it demands something close to fatal, not just love and regret, from him.

Ten years behind bars, Dr. Vincent Gomez has to forgive one person now – himself. And there is only one way to do it, which is but the beginning of a bigger question.

A coming-of-age tale of three girls who entered Goa Medical College in 1997, Sandcastles subtly interlaces the sensitive and strong layers of family, friendship and love with the resurgent strength of women, affirming that forgiveness and acceptance are the ultimate forms of love.


The book is all about love, romance, pain and motherhood. The story starts off with Selena, a mother, whose life revolves around her two beautiful daughters. One fine morning, her doorbell rang, and the person she sees standing on the door, brings back a lot of memories and scars, which she buried a decade ago.

It’s a good, fast-paced story with a perfect blend of emotions, suspense and bonding. Although, I was a bit discouraged as first few chapters were slow-paced and not very engrossing, but later I was so invested in the story, that I didn’t care about anyone or anything around me.

This book is also full of strong, supportive and realistic characters. The characters’ flaws and charisma is also very well-documented. I really liked how Selena is portrayed in the book. She is a carefully created character whom you could well imagine knowing in real life. She is bold, courageous, independent and strong. She is a kind of woman who takes matters into her own hands and shape her own future. I really felt her love for Neil and her desire to be a good mother.

The writing style of the book is quite remarkable, and easy to comprehend. The details are profound and very much clear to the point. Well developed characters and creative unique plot components combined with unusual twists and turns make this an unforgettable read.

I highly recommend this book. It’s a beautiful epic story which was thoroughly enjoyable and worth a read.

About the Author:

Sana Rose has been poet and storywriter long before she decided to be a Homoeopathic physician. Her first collection of poetry “The Torrent From My Soul: Poems Of A Born Dreamer” was originally published in 2011. Her second poetry collection “The Room Of Mirrors: Reflections In Verse” is soon to be published. Currently she is working on her second novel, a psychological mystery.

She was one among the 52 poets published in the Anthology Breaking Silence- A Poetic Lifeline From Slavery To Love (2013). Her poetry has also appeared in online journals like the SketchBook journal, The Galway Review, Rat’s Ass Review (April,2016), Ithlukal, The Indian Review and she was one of the two featured poets in the May 2016 Issue of Ashvamegh International Journal of English literature. Further, she was published in the Shakespeare-themed anthology ‘Shakespeare Sings‘ in 2017.

Sana is a Homoeopathic physician and hold a Masters in Applied Psychology. She is passionate about art, psychology research and natural wellness, apart from writing and reading women’s fiction and psychological thrillers.
She lives in kkadalund, a seaside town in the Calicut district of Kerala, with her husband and daughter.

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