What One Age Will You Pick For The Rest Of Your Life And Why?

It is hardly fair as I can’t tell what my life would be like after today, so I only have ages 1-20 to choose from. But, given the chance, I would choose my present age, i.e. 20, without any doubt. Being in your twenties is the best and worst time of your life. No longer a teenager, not yet an adult. The real life has just started and the experiences with it. I, honestly, like this phrase of life. We’ve escaped our parents’ watchful eyes (or are working towards it) ; we’re earning an income or a degree; and we have more freedom, independence, and—let’s be real—fun than ever before. Friendship, dating, partying, studying and of course Internet; our lives revolves around these five things only. We live our life like it is really the last day of it, which I think everyone would like to do for the rest of their lives. Also, if we look at our portraits now, we look fabulous because of our young age, fewer worries, no wrinkles, more smiles, in short we like looking at our own pictures in these years, which is a merit if I choose this age. And also the stamina, the energy, the zest one have at this stage is meritorious. We feel like achieving every thing we want.

But with the fun part, comes the real struggle as well. As now, gone are the days when we used to think of all the things we might be in the future. Now, we all have growing dreams, previous accomplishments under our belts and an ever present sense of urgency to achieve exactly what we want. We are about to graduate and the real struggle begins now. That constant fear of failure haunts us day and night. We think of all the worst case scenarios that might happen after we graduate. But we try hard to achieve it all knowing that these years are the time to put it in full throttle and hit the ground running to set yourself up for future success and happiness. As it has been said by Marla Malcolm Beck “Your time in your twenties is a chance to really pursue your dreams. You have no obligations, you can work 24/7 and you have nothing to lose.”

Also, all the stress one goes through during this phase is commendable. We worry over questions and decisions about jobs, dating, friends, apartments, the list goes on and on. This age is full of surprises actually. It is a time to immerse yourself in as many new experiences as possible. We make unforgettable memories with our friends, old and new. And try as many new things as possible. We come across many people, we like them, become their friends or maybe date them. And at some point of time, we come across break-ups, heartbreaks or broken friendship, etc. And with time, we realize one thing at this age, that not everyone is a big-wig in our life. We meet many people but not everyone stays, and we have to move on and continue hoping something better might happen in the future. And this hope is the thing which keeps one going further in life. You never know what lesson your life will teach you at what time. This age is like being a pupa of butterfly life cycle, going through so many changes and emotions, and experiencing so many things before we enter the real Adult stage which is more intriguing to me. It’s often been said “How you spend your 20’s will define you.”

So all the lovely people in their 20’s, just go out, have fun. Try as many new things as possible. Go on an adventure, travel the world, make friends, fall in love, have your heart broken, learn new sports, learn new language, chase your dreams, and do every possible thing that you might cherish once this age is gone. Because in the end, you are not gonna remember what you achieved or how much money you made; but the memories you made and the fun you had.

If you had this chance, what age would you choose and why? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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