Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow. Language is an art of communicating. It allows people to communicate with great precision.
We learn the language that we have been listening to since birth often known as our mother tongue and It helps to bind people together and promote the positive values of a culture. Now days, People learn new languages out of curiosity. Learning a new language is like becoming another person. Its like you posses a completely new soul.

As I was born in Delhi, my native language is Hindi. But, as I took admission in a Convent School I got the opportunity to learn a new language, English, which is now close to my heart. There are many reasons that English is the only language close to my heart. First reason being My school, from where I learned it. It reminds me of the years I spent there. The morning assembly, prayers, half Indian (foreign) principal and the teachers. The church where we used to pray before exams and all the other things. It reminds me of my English teacher who made my pronunciation better.

And now made me a Grammar nazi.😅

Another reason is that English is an official language which is predominantly spoken around the world and it is also one of the official language of India. So one can talk to strangers easily as once I met with a tourist who was asking for direction, and I was not able to understand her language. But then I asked her if she knew English and then I had a good 5-minute conversation with her.

I can now watch Hollywood movies and TV Series which have dialogue in English and I don’t need subtitles in other language as they can sometime cause the meaning of words to be lost in the translation, and they can be a distraction or can even block the action taking place on the screen.

Yay! popcorns are ready and I can watch my favourite American TV series How I met your mother.

And I can easily read the novels written by American, British and other English-speaking authors without needing the translated copy.

^Yea! Coffee is ready and so is Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

Also, there is a satisfaction that comes with English. It was rewarding the first time I understood a movie in full, or read a book completely. And helped an English speaking tourist find her way. It is also very much fun to tell my friends what exactly the new song on the YouTube is saying.

So, yeah English is my favourite Language.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


5 thoughts on “Mind your language

  1. Nice post here bud.Really can’t tell that English ain’t one of your first language- Well done, be proud 😉

    Your post title reminds me of an old British Comedy about a class of foreign students in an English class taught by a teacher called “Mr Jeremy Brown”.
    It’s called “Mind Your Language” as well and it’s seriously one of the best shows to watch if you want a good laugh with lots of English word play and misuse of it due to the student’s lack of language skill in English XD

    Your pal,

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    1. Thank you Benjamin.
      I also wanted to thank you for the feedback you gave on community pool, but I am not able to comment there. So , thank you for taking out some minutes from your schedule and giving some advice.

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