Last night, when I was coming back to my home, I saw a group of poor children sleeping on footpath. I felt terribly bad for them. Then after a few meters, I saw an old lady sleeping under the roof of bus-stand. I have seen many people like this before and their condition makes me realize that I should not cry about the things I don’t have as i have so many things like family, shelter, food, water and all the necessities which these poor people lack. I wonder what happens to them in winters, do they get a blanket to cover their body?? In our country, India, rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Our government rarely take some steps to remove the poverty from the country. Today i have come up with an idea that can remove poverty slowly but effectively. 30% of Indian
population is below Poverty Line which means 70% have their necessities. And out of these 70%, 25% are so rich and other are middle class workers. And not someone can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. So the idea is that we can save a few amounts of money and can help poor people in some way or another. If we save 10 rupees (Indian currency) every week, we can save up to 520 rupees every year, and can give them to poor and needy children. We can also help these children by giving them fees so that they can get education, which will surely eliminate poverty from our country. Also, there are so many things we don’t want to use like our old clothes, our old books, blankets and so many things. We can give them to these poor people and children. These are too small steps but are very effective. I have donated few things before, but now I am going to do more. Because I want to change the current situation of my country in some way or another.


16 thoughts on “Poverty Of India

      1. Aye indeed! But gotta be careful at times.

        I remember getting backstabbed or having things going horribly wrong for me and others even though my intentions were good. Sigh…

        The world can be pretty unforgiving- which is one of the reasons why I’m striving to change things around in my own way.

        Meh, regardless, gotta keep trying no? 😉

        Your pal,


      2. Aye! It’s up to to us to change things or make a difference.

        Yes, I did few changes in the theme. I’m still trying to make my blog more impressive. I would appreciate if you give some suggestions.


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      3. I’d love to! If you want, I can give you a more detailed review later via live stream since I’m gonna be testing stream XD

        For now, I noticed your menu has disappeared?
        Menus are basically the bar for easy navigations for your visitors-
        e.g. the Home | About | Contact | Blog

        Try to get that up asap, for obvious reasons lol! I think it was there before, no?? (On the upper right for visitors to click on?)

        There are more stuff to talk about but honestly, I like how you’ve developed the look of your site already. Once you’ve gotten the menu up again, I will share more with ya but honestly, aesthetics wise, your blog actually looks good 🙂

        Is there any reason that made you feel like it isn’t “complete”? Perhaps I can help touch on that?

        Your pal,


      4. I actually don’t understand how it disappeared as I didn’t do anything with it. But thanks for letting me know. I will put it there soon.

        I will surely join your live stream and would really appreciate if you review my blog there.
        PS Already subscribed your channel 😛

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  1. Hi,
    I wanted to comment on your other post, but I couldn’t find a comment box.
    I’m Janice. I met you at Jason’s Meet and Greet.
    In response to what you wrote, congratulations on learning English. I hear it’s hard to learn. I also like coffee and Romeo and Juliet. My daughter liked How I Met Your Mother. I used to teach about India to my 6th-grade history students.
    Maybe you can check out my blog. You mentioned at Jason’s Meet and Greet you are looking for feedback on your blog. That’s what I do at my site. If you could take just a moment to sign up for my blog, I’d be happy to provide feedback. I wish I could help everyone, but I work outside the home, so I only have time for my followers.

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    1. Firstly, Thank you for checking out my blog. It would be great if you give your feedback too.
      I visited your blog and the content you provided is really helpful for beginner bloggers. I appreciate the step you took to blog about blogging techniques and giving suggestions to improve one’s blog.
      Great work you are doing!

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  2. So heartrending! but you are right we must care about poor people and help them in every possible way. Few weeks back I written a post “happy box- Save Spend Share” that is same like you have mentioned to save money..


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