Today is World Earth Day, and we all know that our Earth is in danger. And the reason is human civilization which has destroyed the most precious thing of earth — “THE NATURE”.

The scientists today should invent the gadgets or something to minimize the destruction caused, but sadly 80% of them are busy in making money or trying to visit Mars. What is the use of these so called Planetary Missions, when you can’t save your own Planet Earth??

Global Warming is increasing day by day. Two years ago, April was not this hot in India, like it is today. Scientists and Governments just talk about the Global Warming now and then. But, they aren’t taking any steps to stop it. I know it can’t be stopped, but we can stop it from increasing, can’t we?? Plants and tress are getting destroyed for medicines and wood. I know it is important to make medicines and using woods for development of a country, but if we cut one tree, can’t we plant two. There are more than 7 billion people living in this world and their life is all dependent on plants, either for oxygen or for food.

I wonder, if all 7 billion people take pledge to plant 16 trees in their lifetime, will there be any rise in global warming then??

Think about it, it’s our planet, and we have to save it to save our lives.

 Don’t think EARTH DAY has nothing to do with you. Learn about the history of earth day and how each person plays a part.



6 thoughts on “WORLD EARTH DAY

  1. I don’t necessarily agree with the Global Warming issue you mention. I believe the issue is still hotly debated and experimented about in the science community. Sort of like when everyone on the earth believed we were the center of the universe and the whole universe revolved around us. It took hundreds of years and then it was scientifically proven to not be the case- But prior to that many and many scientist believe it to be so and would prove it, sort of, with epicycles and such.

    This last winter was very cold here in NJ. It was just April 9th and areas here got 3-8 inches of snow- not very warm.

    That said, I do believe we should take care of the Earth to the best of our ability, but not to the detriment of putting people out of work etc… Planting trees, growing gardens, learning about agriculture, animals etc… all go to having a better understanding of the Earth and our place in it. And those that do those things tend to have more respect towards the Earth.

    Good post though and I like the color of the site.

    Take care,

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