What is wrong with the Indian society?? Why they’re still against the working women?? If women don’t work and lives as a housewife, then people don’t value them, even their husbands don’t give them respect. And if they work, the society says they are sleeping around. I mean really, how can you say that a working lady is sleeping around, are you the one with whom she slept and so you know her character.

And another thing is their clothes, if a lady wear short clothes, then she is a slut, and she provokes men to rape her. How can anyone provoke someone to rape? Do you people even know the meaning of rape?? Rape means to force her, if a girl says yes to you, that is not rape. But if she says no and still you force yourself upon her, that is rape, which is a crime. If she said no, then how can you say that she provoked you?? One can’t judge a girl by looking at her clothes. And even if her short clothes provokes you, what about the girls being raped even after wearing Indian suit or Saree?? Did she provoke you by covering her body?? This is all bullshit. No girl invites you or provokes you to rape her.

I want to convey this message to all the low minded people that “ A girl is not wrong, your mentality to judge her is wrong”.


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